Winter is the New Spring

Why Winter is the new Spring

We’ve all heard about the Spring selling season, but did you know that July & August are the best performing sales months of the year? Would you like to achieve a 10% premium by selling a month or two earlier? The rational around a Spring selling season is something of a southern state principal where after a torrential and bitterly cold Winter, you begin to feel somewhat human again as the grey sky’s turn blue and flowers begin to bloom. This optimism encourages us to make a change, upgrade and move forward with our lives with renewed vigour and confidence. Queensland is fortunate enough to have a level climate so we don’t have to go through pits of despair to realise that our surroundings and climate are fantastic!

Real Estate is all about supply and demand and because many sellers hold off listing their homes until later in the year, they miss out on the fact that there is actually an increase in buyer activity at this time with a low level of stock for them to buy, hence we always see solid prices and really low days on market for this period of time. By waiting until Spring you may be actually jeopardising your chances of achieving a premium result as your home may be forced to compete with many more homes for the buyers attention.

As always, your timing is your own but to get it pays to ensure that you are getting the right advise on how to achieve the absolute maximum when selling your most prized asset. Give me a call to discuss if now is the best time for you to capitalise on the upswing in the market