Why Rent With Us

Why Choose us To Manage Your Investment?

Other than the purchase of your family home, the purchase of an investment property is one of the most major financial decisions you’ll make, so choosing the right agent to manage your valued investment is crucial.

At Gorman & Gray, we understand how to achieve maximum return on your investment in any market while providing the reliable, stress-free management that our landlords demand.  It’s our job to handle every aspect of management of your property so that you don’t need to give it a second thought.

Our rent portfolio is ‘organically grown’ we don’t purchase rent rolls, our boutique Property Management is about quality not quantity.  Handling all spectrums of rentals, we attract quality clients and concentrating on suburbs within the 5km ring of our office ensures fast occupancy of all properties in this highly sought after lifestyle location.

Our rental properties are held in the same high regard as sales listings:  with internal and external photography, copy writing, open house inspections, email alert to data base of registered potential tenants, professional style signage, upload to three websites and access to our professional marketing team.

Our service to you

We provide an array of services to best manage your valued investment including advertising, quality tenant selection processes, income collection and arrears, repairs and maintenance, inspections, customer care, accounting, attending tribunal hearings, rent reviews and sales appraisals.  Talk to one of our Leasing Agents for further details on any of the above or additional services.

Changing to us is easy

If you already have an agent, it might be time to make a change and experience the Gorman & Gray difference – all we require is written authority to notify your existing agent.  To make switching to us as simple as possible, we will organise everything from getting your authority to notifying your current agent, collecting documents and informing tenants.

Building long-term relationships

We know this is just the beginning of a long standing relationship where we can help you achieve all of your real estate goals.  Whether you want to earn additional income, make a capital gain or provide a nest egg for your retirement, we can help maximise your financial return.  

It makes sense to leave your administration and your investment secure in the knowledge that your property will be managed thoughtfully and cost-effectively, in the hands of professionals.