Spot the Local

It’s been an interesting couple of months doing many appraisals through the Buddina area and on reflection, it has struck me that there are many common traits that the “local’ has. Most of course are pretty relaxed. Hardly surprising given that they can all walk to the beach within 5 minutes but there is genuinely a lower care factor about many things with a true Buddina local. Many are getting on in years although they have absolutely no desire to leave their home unless they absolutely have to. The only issue that really comes from this is that many of the houses are in quite a state of disrepair but the owners seem quite comfortable with this. This may be a money factor but I suspect that they just aren’t into as much superficialness. I know that I’m not wired this way. Whilst I’m not obsessive about cleanliness and order, there has been some homes that have made me feel quite ill after a visit. Which leads me to also wonder, how can these simple & genuine people get to living like this without family or local agencies coming in and helping? Is our society really too busy or important to lend a hand? When you see how others live, some quite happily for sure, you can’t help but make some comparisons and do a quick health check on your own family and your priorities.

The other end of the scale is the up and comers, those who are starting out with their young families and have decided that they want to live a certain kind of way. This group are generally onto their 2nd home and are struggling to find a home in the area that will fit their growing tribe. Whist the location is fantastic, when the estate was first established it was during a period where the standard home was 3 bedrooms with one or two bathrooms, one living area and either one or sometimes 2 car garaging on a standard 546sqm block. When you think about many homes now with media rooms, butlers kitchens, 4 bedrooms and studies, you can see how it’s difficult to make everything fit! The other ironic thing is that the area is prime for boating, surf ski’s, kite surfing and the like but there’s very little room on the blocks to park all of these toys!

The end takeaway from all of this is that indeed we are all very different creatures and no matter how you live, if it’s what makes you happy, just keep on doing it