Routine inspections matter

Why do agents do routine inspections? Surely the properties don’t change significantly every 3 months so why do we do it?

Aside from the most obvious reason of ensuring that the tenants are treating the home well and aren’t doing anything that breaks the conditions of their lease, routine inspections are an essential part of keeping owners up to date on the standard of their home. May property investors don’t get the opportunity to regularly visiting their investment home so it’s through these inspections that they can get a glimpse of how their home is aging.

When we know that there is a good tenant in place, the inspection becomes more about ensuring that the homes routine maintenance is regularly done. This can be fence repairs, painting both internally and externally, mould on damp corners of the home and rotting timber in garden beds. Most of these types of issues are best amended early to ensure that they don’t develop into larger issues down the track.

Good property management isn’t just rent collection, it’s actually caring for the property to ensure it’s condition is maintained to the highest standards.