Routine inspections matter

15 July 2020

Why do agents do routine inspections? Surely the properties don’t change significantly every 3 months so why do we do it? Aside from the most obvious reason of ensuring that the tenants are treating the home well and aren’t doing anything that breaks the conditions of their lease, routine inspections are an essential part of […]

Property Management – EOFY are you ready?

7 April 2020

With the end of financial year knocking on our doors soon, investors can get the jump on the tax man and get ready for his arrival. Here are some easy tips investors can look into to ensure that their finances are all in check. With landlords coming into more scrutiny than ever from the Australian Tax […]

5 Features that Don’t add value when selling

7 April 2020

There’s a rule of thumb when renovating that you should aim to add three dollars back from every dollar you spend. This three-for-one rule quickly shows if your return on investment (your precious money and time) was worth the effort. So if you want to inject more dollar signs in your property’s sold price, knowing […]

Why Buying is Better

7 April 2020

6 Reasons Why Buying Is Better If you have been in the renting game for a while, you will know all too well the conversation starters from well-meaning relatives and friends that go like this, “So, have you thought about buying a house yet?” “Are you still renting?”  or my personal favourite, “You better get […]

Buying A House For Your Blended Family

7 April 2020

Buying a house with your partner can be a challenging process as two sometimes diverse desires and expectations collide. Buying a house that will accommodate the needs of a blended family can be even more challenging with multiple players weighing in. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the rate of divorce and remarriage has […]

Spot the Local

7 April 2020

It’s been an interesting couple of months doing many appraisals through the Buddina area and on reflection, it has struck me that there are many common traits that the “local’ has. Most of course are pretty relaxed. Hardly surprising given that they can all walk to the beach within 5 minutes but there is genuinely […]

Hot Pockets

7 April 2020

How are you at picking race horses? Won lotto lately? Can choosing the next Property Hot Spot be just as challenging? Maybe not.  We’re blessed on the Sunshine Coast to have such an enviable location to call home without doubt and with an abundance of natural beauty, it’s little wonder why so many chose to […]

A Quiet Beer

7 April 2020

The property market is an amazing thing in this country. It gets speculated upon & debated about from all with an opinion, a degree or just that all knowing friend/relative we all seem to have. The fascination of which struck me at an interstate wedding recently where I was cornered by a distant relative pressing […]

What to do when you feel stuck

7 April 2020

We all experience it from time to time. The frustration of living in a compromised fashion can really be a deflating way to spend your days. What causes this? It may be that you’ve outgrown your home and there is more “stuff” than you have room for? Financial strains are often the worst. You may […]

Winter is the New Spring

7 April 2020

Why Winter is the new Spring We’ve all heard about the Spring selling season, but did you know that July & August are the best performing sales months of the year? Would you like to achieve a 10% premium by selling a month or two earlier? The rational around a Spring selling season is something […]